Dr. Inanna Weiss

Expert in skin cancer & plastic surgery in inner Copenhagen

  • The most effective and safe treatment for skin cancer: Mohs/M margin controlled surgery
  • Expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic facial surgery & Plastic surgery with preservation of natural aesthetics
  • Correction of congenital malformations. Vascular malformations and ears in children & adults (earwell system for newborns)
skin changes

Full body examination

– Review of your skin

Reassuring full body examination or
Quick assessment of a skin change.

Skin cancer specialist

– treatment and screening

Effective and gentle treatment of skin cancer with Mohs surgery / Margin Controlled Surgery.

Aesthetic surgery

– incl. regenerative medicine

We use various techniques and offer discreet cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Plastic surgery with a focus on ethics, elegance and natural aesthetics

“My mission is to provide my patients with careful assessment and advice, clear expectations, and safe and effective treatment. I am committed to maintaining the highest level of professional excellence and staying current with the latest advances in aesthetic surgery and regenerative medicine.”

Dr. Inanna Weiss, Specialist in Plastic Surgery

Facial surgery

– Upper or lower Face correction

Face and neck lift, forehead reduction (frontoplasty), chin liposuction.
Optimize your appearance naturally.

Eye surroundings

– Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift

Upper/lower blepharoplasty, surgery
of upper and lower eyelids, eyebrow lift,
correction of ptosis and asymmetry.

Ear malformations

– Kids and Adults

Ears, children with cartilage tags / cupear
and other deformities are operated on.
We offer treatment with Earwell®


– Nanofat grafting, Microfat grafting

Regenerative procedure that can reverse signs of aging, stimulate tissue growth and
Repairing damage.

Body modeling

– Stomach, arms, legs

Simple and minor surgical procedures
procedures and liposuction with
great visual effect.

Breast surgery

– For both men & women

Inverted nipples, gynecomastia, breast augmentation and replacement/removal
of implants.

Karmic formations

– Malformations & Hemangiomas

Assessment and advice for children and adults
with these rare conditions in collaboration
with other international centers.

Scar correction

– Cosmetic surgery and SkinPen

Often scars can be improved with a
minor surgery – a cosmetic correction
with or without surgery.

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