Vascular malformations – Hemangiomas and vascular malformations

Malformations & hemangiomas


1 in 9 children develop a hemangioma during the first weeks of life. This grows during the first year and then involutes (forms back) in
over the next 10 years. Some require treatment, others will disappear completely. It’s worrying for parents as they often can’t get enough
information and guidance.

Karmic formations

This is a malformation of the vascular system that can become visible in childhood or later in life and can cause cosmetic and functional problems.
A distinction is made between Venous malformations, Arteriovenous malformations and Lymphatic malformations.

Inanna Weiss is a specialist

Inanna Weiss is one of the few plastic surgeons in Denmark with extensive experience and knowledge on this topic. She has been working with Milton Waner , a world-renowned expert in the field (MILTON WANER, MD, FCS(SA).

Guidance and advice

Come and get guidance, information and advice on where your child can get the necessary treatment should it be needed.

Few doctors have experience in assessing and treating this condition.
Come in for a consultation for assessment and treatment indication and where to get help.