Do you have unsightly
Or painful scars?

Correction of unwanted scars

Scar correction with Microneedling or Surgery

Many people have scars from accidents, conditions or previous surgery that they find disfiguring. These scars can be on the face or on the rest of the body. Often scars can be improved with a minor procedure such as adrenal hormone injection, microneedling (skin pen) or correction, where the scar is surgically removed.

Mini abdominoplasty

Scars in the lower abdomen, often seen after a caesarean section, can be very bothersome.
The excess loose skin can be removed by “mini-abdominoplasty”.
Using this method, existing scars are removed, the abdominal skin is loosened up to the navel, excess loose skin is removed, the lower abdominal wall is tightened if necessary, and finally a new, better and non-obtrusive scar is formed.
Often the procedure can be combined with minor liposuction to improve the contour.

The necessary scar correction/treatment is customized individually.