Are you worried about a skin change? We help you with rapid assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Skin changes – The skin is our largest organ

If you have a skin condition that concerns you, you will be scheduled for a consultation very quickly. A conversation and clinical examination will give you immediate answers, and if a tissue sample (biopsy) is required, this can be taken immediately. You will receive the answer within 1 week, during which time a treatment plan will be created for you. If it requires surgery, you will be able to have it done as soon as possible, with no waiting time.

skin changes
  • Quick time to consult with an expert
  • Investigation with biopsy immediately, answer in 5-7 days
  • Further treatment plan thereafter

If you have already been diagnosed with skin cancer, a treatment plan will be made during the consultation. (link to Skin Cancer section)

You can also have benign, cosmetically troublesome skin conditions removed at our clinic, such as

  • Benign moles
  • Sebhorroic keratoses ‘old man warts’

This is agreed upon during consultation

How is your skin feeling?

Inanna Weis offers what is called skin screening or ‘SkinCheck‘. It’s a total body examination where your skin
reviewed and checked for any dangerous changes. We also offer subscription services that ensure you
Summoning and assessing your skin in a systemized way. Call us to find out more.

Check your skin with a SkinCheck Subscription

How often should a full body skin examination be performed?
Regular skin screening / full body examination is an effective and simple method for early detection of dangerous skin conditions such as skin cancer and melanoma.
We can offer subscriptions that make it simple and easy for you to have access to a specialist’s assessment of your skin. A subscription that reminds you that it’s time for a new skin examination and gives you direct access to the clinic’s skin specialists.

With a ‘SkinCheck’ plan, you are automatically called for an examination, so you won’t “forget” to take care of your skin check.

Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need an appointment.

Take care of yourself!
Inanna Weiss