Fat Grafting – Want to look fresh and younger naturally?

Nanofat grafting/Fat grafting

A natural and lasting result

Age changes are noticeable on the face and body as the skin changes appearance and loses its elasticity and fullness as you age.
The goal of autologous fat injection is to achieve a lasting improvement in skin quality as well as rejuvenation and moderate filling of the skin. The fat cells act as a living filler that can both add fullness and work by animating the skin to regenerate itself. This leads to a younger and fresher appearance. The principle is that your own natural fat tissue is moved from one area to another. Adipose tissue contains stem cells and growth factors that rebuild and revitalize the skin and increase fullness. The actual volume increase/filling is discreet but visible immediately, wrinkles diminish over time. The effect is long-lasting and builds up over time. You start to see a clear improvement after 6 weeks, even more evident after 3 months and the lasting effect thereafter.

The benefits of barrel grafting

  • The treated area will regenerate and look increasingly younger and fresher.
  • You get a natural and lasting result.
  • The body’s own fat is used, meaning that this procedure avoids the use of foreign substances in the body.
  • The specially developed technique corrects the negative changes that occur as the skin ages.
  • The procedure takes about 3 hours and is performed as an outpatient (you go home the same day).

Nanofat grafting can be used for general rejuvenation/wrinkle reduction or to soften/reduce skin discolorations and scars.

What does the technique accomplish?

The nano fat/micro fat transplant technique consists of three different things:

  1. A gentle liposuction to harvest own fat from selected areas of the patient’s body.
  2. Filtering the grease to get a homogeneous solution.
  3. An injection of the solution in selected areas under the skin on the face, decollete, hands and scars.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and leads to a lasting rejuvenation of the face, décolleté, hands and improvement of scars.
The fat emulsion that is transplanted is rich in biological substances that play a crucial role in the tissue’s ability to improve itself (tissue regeneration).
When the nanofat is injected under the skin, the biological substrate will lead to a new formation of collagen and elastin fibers that will improve the structure of the skin, reduce wrinkles, make skin look younger, or make scars or discolorations less visible.

Visible changes

You’ll see a significant improvement in skin quality, skin looks fresher and younger

  • Wrinkles are reduced
  • Dark circles in the eye area are reduced
  • Skin and wrinkles around the mouth are reduced
  • Discreetly increase volume where needed
  • Improvement of disfiguring scars

The results can be seen immediately, with clear improvements already after a few weeks and beyond. The best results will be seen after 3-6 months.
Nanofat grafting can be used for individual areas of the face, but the best effect is achieved by treating the entire face

Fat grafting for face, hands and scar correction

  • Eye surroundings: reduction of hollowness and darkening.
  • Upper face (temples and forehead): improvement of skin structure with wrinkle reduction in the forehead and volume increase in the temples.
  • Lower face: Reduction of furrows around the nose and mouth.
  • Lips: smoothing of wrinkles on the upper lip, discreet volume increase.
  • On the hands, Nanofat grafting is beneficial for reducing age changes: wrinkle reduction, volume increase and skin improvement.
  • Scar correction: Reduction of scar tissue formation and equalization of skin and subcutaneous fullness anywhere on the body where you have scars. This procedure can be performed surgically and can also be used for pain reduction if you experience pain in sunken scars. For particularly sunken scars where there is a lack of volume, it may be possible to fill in with micro fat (fat grafting).

The treatment technique

Nanofat transplantation consists of two procedures performed in the same operation: first a small liposuction with a gentle technique, followed by purification and reduction of the fat cells to the desired size. Finally, the harvested tissue will be injected under the skin in the desired area. The special thing about Nanofat injection is that the fat cells are filtered until they are so small that they can be injected into the desired location with very thin needles.
Liposuction is performed on areas such as thighs, knees and possibly the stomach with suitable fat deposits. The fatty tissue is then purified in a closed system and finally injected into several small channels in the face.
Both liposuction and injection are performed with thin needles.
The liposuction areas are sutured with a stitch and patched. The grease is then purified and injected into the pre-agreed and selected areas. The small puncture sites are then bandaged with discreet tape.

The aftermath

You can get small, discreet scars of about 5 mm, which usually heal without being visible in the places where liposuction has taken place. Here we recommend wearing compression garments for the following few weeks (to be agreed depending on the area).
Where the fat is injected under the skin, you feel a tightening effect. These areas are bandaged with discreet tape that heals up without being visible. Occasionally, discoloration of the skin may occur, but this will disappear in about 1-2 weeks. Previous patients who have undergone the procedure describe the subsequent pain as minimal.