skin changes

Full body examination single examination

– Review of your skin

Reassuring full body examination or
Quick assessment of a skin change.

skin changes

Full body examination on subscription

– Review your skin on a regular basis

Reassuring full body examination or
Quick assessment of a skin change.

Skin cancer specialist

– treatment and screening

Effective and gentle treatment of skin cancer with Mohs surgery / Margin Controlled Surgery.

Aesthetic surgery

– incl. regenerative medicine

We use various techniques and offer discreet cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Facial surgery

– Upper or lower Face correction

Face and neck lift, forehead reduction (frontoplasty), chin liposuction.
Optimize your appearance naturally.

Eye surroundings

– Eyelid and Eyebrow Lift

Upper/lower blepharoplasty, surgery
of upper and lower eyelids, eyebrow lift,
correction of ptosis and asymmetry.

Ear malformations

– Kids and Adults

Ears, children with cartilage tags / cupear
and other deformities are operated on.
We offer treatment with Earwell®


– Nanofat grafting, Microfat grafting

Regenerative procedure that can reverse signs of aging, stimulate tissue growth and
Repairing damage.

Body modeling

– Stomach, arms, legs

Simple and minor surgical procedures
procedures and liposuction with
great visual effect.

Breast surgery

– For both men & women

Inverted nipples, gynecomastia, breast augmentation and replacement/removal
of implants.

Karmic formations

– Malformations & Hemangiomas

Assessment and advice for children and adults
with these rare conditions in collaboration
with other international centers.

Scar correction

– Cosmetic surgery and SkinPen

Often scars can be improved with a
minor surgery – a cosmetic correction
with or without surgery.